Meditation, not to be confused with mediatation, is an ancient art form that has been practiced for centuries, with origins in the Eastern part of the word; India being a prime example. The basic use of meditation is as a form of healing which does not require the ingestion of any medications, relying only on the individuals mind and how it may be finely tuned to achieve the desired effects on both mind and body. The purpose of meditation is to transcend “normal” thinking and elevate oneself into a higher state of awareness and consciousness, achieve a relaxed state of mind, and be able to clearly focus. Meditation covers a wide range of spiritual and psycho-physical practices and is not limited to religious traditional practice. The common denominator among all types of meditation, however, is the discipline involved – The practice of meditation can take one of several forms including the focus natural gateway clinic on a single object or process such as a mantra. Meditation can also be performed while walking or performing or engaged in a simple repetitive task.

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