Guided Meditation – On The Breathe

To begin with this guided meditation you will need to find a quite space where you can relax and not be disturbed for around half an hour. Now to dont worry, if you can follow a guided meditation even for a few minutes then you are doing well. So please remember practice makes perfect and the more you meditate the more you will be able to focus on the task at hand, which is to be able to focus on one thing without any external influences or thoughts entering the mind this is deep healing meditative practice. This guided meditation is exactly what is needed to reach this goal. I do recommend using a program or video guided meditation series, or even better go to your local temple and meditate with the monks there. They will be more than happy to mentor and teach you how to meditate.

Sit in a comfortable position with your legs crossed on a cushion supporting you lower back take time to get your self comfortable. If sitting crossed legged is to uncomfortable then sit on a chair that supports you back to be in the upright straight position. Sitting up straight without being rigid or in conflict with you body and feeling comfortable allow your eyes to close slowly and gently. Take a few seconds now to remind your self that if any other thoughts come in you will simply ignore them just for this time. Now take a deep breath in counting to three slowly and a long breath out slowly counting to 6. repeat a few times just until you feel more relaxed.

As you breath out just feel your body start to relax even more and feel the tension in your body start to decrease and disappear into the floor on every out breath. Feel the tension release from you head as you breath out. Now imagine and feel the tension on the out breathe releasing down your face concentrating on the face, just feel the tension release and focus your mind there. Stay with the feeling just concentrating on the tension leaving you face.

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